Exim Consultancy

Force has been the trusted advisor for the Indian corporate sector in foreign trade policies, litigation, dispute, and regulatory services.

Our team consists of persons who have acquired extensive experience from revenue departments of the Government, public and private sector undertakings. With such a rare blend of talent and expertise, we support you with unique solutions developed in a cooperative approach.

EXIM Consultants’ Foreign Trade and Customs consulting services aims at reducing client’s business expenses through optimizing customs duty and trade related costs in India. We help companies in identifying cost savings arising from our customs cost minimization exercise.

EXIM Consultants’ key offerings in this practice area include:-

Foreign Trade Policy

Interpretation of the Export and Import Policy and Procedures and advice on importability/exportability of various products And the procedural and documentation requirements.

Export Incentives

Advice on applicability, quantum, and procedure for realization of export incentive of duty drawback. Filing Duty Drawback brand rate applications, follow-up, and realization (for physical as well as deemed exports).

Export House Activities

Obtaining Export House and Trading House Certificates by proper application, advocacy and follow-up. Renewal of such Certificates.

Export Oriented Units

Obtaining approvals for setting up Export Oriented units. Interpretation of Policy and procedures relating thereto.

Special Economic Zone Units

Advice on setting up such Zones and also units in the same. Formation of such units.

Customs Valuation

Representing clients in customs valuation proceedings whenever imports are made from related parties.

Choice of Export Promotion Schemes in India

Helping clients to make right choice of Export Promotion Schemes like Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG), Duty Exemption and Remission Scheme, Duty Exemption Pass Book Scheme (DEPB) and Duty Drawback Customs Classification and Rates of Duty - The heads under which the goods imported/to be imported are classifiable and the consequent rates of duty payable. This also involves interpretation of various exemption notifications Import License and Other Applications - Interpretation of import and export license application, filing, follow-up and obtaining the license/authorizations/scrips / Import licenses for restricted items / Advance authorizations under the duty Exemption scheme / Export Promotion Capital Goods licenses (EPCG) / Duty Exemption Pass Book (DEPB) Other types of licenses.


  • Freight Forwarders Associaiton in India
  • Federation of International Freight
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Multimodal Transport Operators
  • Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)
  • X2 Cold Chain
  • Plannet Logistics Network - Singapore
  • Freght Book - United Kingdom
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Association of Multimodal Transport Operators in India
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