About Force

Force Logistics Private Limited was founded by professionals who wanted to make a difference in the conventional clearing and forwarding industry. The company started operating in all major cities in India with a determination to give the industry in India a face lift and offer the Indian customers finest Logistics services.

Within a short span of time, it has grown colossally to become one reliable Logistics organizations in India. Currently with its global network Force Logistics operates quite strategically and effectively. The operations based on strong values and ethics enabled the company to muster sizable market share.

Force Logistics Private Limited, a forerunner in the Forwarding and Clearing industry at a leading edge to offer finest logistics services across the spectrum. It strives to provide maximum client satisfaction, most effective and fastest service along with the highest quality available.

Who We Are

Force Logistics is uniquely qualified to design and implement an efficient logistics solution that provides best in class service to our clients and our client’s customer. Our intimate relationship at all levels of the supply chain ensures our ability to provide additional value and dimension of service to our customers.

We can help keep your logistics activities simple by offering single source solutions. Our selection of services in warehousing, transportation, technology and value added provide an integrated solution of multiple activities for our customers. Being an independent logistics provider we have pursued a very clear strategy since the incorporation of the company. On the one side, our goal was to establish a strong and reliable network for our clients. On the other side, we strived for worldwide cooperation's with other independent partners who are market leaders in their respective countries.


  • Freight Forwarders Associaiton in India
  • Federation of International Freight
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Multimodal Transport Operators
  • Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)
  • X2 Cold Chain
  • Plannet Logistics Network - Singapore
  • Freght Book - United Kingdom
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Association of Multimodal Transport Operators in India
Force Logistics Private Limited